1. How to configure an sstp vpn connection for University Tübingen on Windows 10

Click on the Network icon (tray icon) and then click on the "Network & Internet Settings" link

Click on "VPN" and then " + Add a VPN connection"

Add VPN connection

1. VPN provider

select "Windows (built-in)"
2. Connection nameCan be freely selected, for example: "SSTPConnUniTuebingen"
3. Server name or adressInput the server name: vpn.uni-tuebingen.de
4. VPN typePlease select Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)
5. Typ of sign-in infoUser name and password: Here you can save the user name (your LoginID from the ZDV) and your university password for this connection.

Confirm the connection by clicking on "Save"

2. Connection security configuration

The following settings have to be made to increase the connection security:

1. Click on Search (available next to WindowsStart). Search for "view network connections". Then click on the icon highlighted in the picture below

2. Click on the newly added VPN connection (right click "SSTPConnUniTuebingen" in our example) and then click on Properties.

3. Click on the "Security" tab and select the following settings:

Type of VPN:Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)
Data encryption:Require encryption (disconnect if server declines)
"Allow these protocols"must be active and the check mark for Microsoft CHAP.Version 2 (MS-CHAP v2) must be set. Please confirm with "OK"

3. Establish the VPN connection

To establish the connection, please click on the network connections icon in the task bar, on the SSTP connection and on "Connect".

If the connection is successfully established, you can see the connection by clicking on the network symbol in the task bar.

After the VPN connection has been successfully established, you will receive a university IP address (134.2.xxx.x). To check whether the connection was established correctly, please visit the website https://www.whatismyip.com/. Here you can see your IP address:

Assistance in case of problems

If you need further help, please contact our ZDV Hotline or the Genius-Bar